"I love to divulgate"



elisabeth alli is available to moderate public debates, interview people, give courses or lectures, write articles, stories and reports. She can elaborate on documentaries and report current and archived topics. With a keen interest in topics related to children, young adults and sport.

Elisabeth Alli


elisabeth alli produces short films, writes and adapts storyboards, produces TV shows with a strong interest in the world of the children, young adults and sport. 


elisabeth alli carries out research, conducts scientific analysis from raw or secondary statistical data. she prepares, analyses and discusses directive and non-directive questionnaires.

She develops courses in advertising science and media research for university students or for private companies.

Advertising Sciences & Market Research

elisabeth alli develops different marketing strategies, with special attention on everything that pertains to children, pre teen and teenagers in the respect of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child .


elisabeth alli writes books, short stories, articles and reports. She is able to communicate complex information in a way that is easy to understand especially for children and young adults.

Elisabeth Alli is a published author of of five children’s book about Switzerland in multiple languages:
• Langues et Cantons (in French, German, Italian and Romansh)
• The Matterhorn in a book (in English, French, German and Italian)
• Montagnes e Plateau (in French, German and Italian)
• Lacs et Rivières (in French, German and Italian)
• La Croisade d’un drapeau carré (in French, German and Italian)

She has written a book about the menstrual cycle for young girls and a short story for ESG