Women who inspire… Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

It seems that one day, Michelle and Barack wanted to have dinner in a not very prominent place, perhaps looking for some anonymity. They discussed their wish with their bodyguards, who in the afternoon inspected different places in the vicinity. In the evening, they offered the couple a limited choice, due to security reasons. In the restaurant chosen, Michelle and Barack spent a very pleasant evening together, and few steps away from their table, their personal bodyguards was on the watch. At the end of the meal, the owner of the restaurant asks one of the bodyguards if he can approach and speak with the First Lady. The bodyguard asks the question to Michelle who accepted with joy. Michelle and the restaurant owner talked for a long time, while Barack sent messages on his Blackberry. After the conversation, Michelle returns to the table, Barack points out to her: Isn’t it a chat? Michelle explains to him that it was her first flame … Barack looks at the restaurant owner and then, tenderly and sincerely at the same time, said to his wife: “That means that if you had married him, today you would be the boss of this restaurant! After listening to him, her eyes lowered, Michelle looks up tenderly at Barack, and in a sure, soft voice, replied: “No, you are mistaken! If I had married him today he would be at the white house with me. “